“What a blessing to have you on our campus at WinShape. We are so grateful for people like you who so generously give of their talents & abilities to influence others in such a positive way! Thank you for inspiring and challenging our staff…”

— Trudy Cathy White [WinShape Camps, Chick-fil-A]

Have you run into obstacles or discovered hindrances to the growth and forward movement of your company? Thomas Dismukes defines the critical qualities that connect the “head” to the “heart” of an enterprise, and shows audiences that a dedicated, fulfilled, and challenged workforce is the surest way to increased profitability. His main objective is to provide solid content and techniques that audiences can put to use immediately in their personal and professional lives.

The Bullet-Proof Presentation

What Do Meeting Planners Want?

Thomas Dismukes solves challenges once and for all, not by providing action formulas, but by helping people get to the bottom of what really drives them in life and by making sure every aspect of their lives works together in harmony.

        He doesn’t merely encourage. The power of these presentations is in the manner in which Thomas provides indisputable proof as to why these principles will work in your life, 100% of the time!

        The integration of these simple, profound principles into your team’s mental and psychological awareness will not only improve your work environment, but can clearly translate to your company’s financial bottom line. How is this possible? Shift an employee’s “internal world,” his or her sense of personal worth and fulfillment grows, and the result is …productivity! It’s that simple.

As a speaker I have had the honor and pleasure to share the stage with inspiring, powerful and yet very humble motivational speakers.  Unfortunately I have also met some of the most arrogant, pompous and egotistical people on earth.  I have also been in the demanding position of leading and organizing conventions of thousands.  In saying that, I have a good understanding of what meeting planners want and the attitude I must have in order to help make the event a great success. 

        The following is what you can expect while working with me and the staff of Stories That Tell:

1.  “WOW!” the audience.  High ROI.  Sure I want them to laugh and have a great time, but I want them to walk away inspired to be better, and have applicable tools to make it happen. 

2.  Absolute Reliability- You can count on the fact I will be there as scheduled. 

3.  Absolute Integrity-

4.  Make the planner look good.  I want to be the last thing you have to worry about and the first thing people praise you for. 

5.  Quick Response- We respond to emails within the work day and often within the hour.  You will always have access to my cell number if any needs or questions arise. 

6.  Be Flexible- We understand you have to juggle a number of issues and things often change in a moment’s notice.

7.  No Prim donna- We are here to serve YOU and be an extension of your staff.


"Meeting planners across the country consider Thomas to be one of our nations's best motivational and humorous storytellers.  His stories bring down the house with laughter and cause tears of powerful reflection."

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