“What a blessing to have you on our campus at WinShape. We are so grateful for people like you who so generously give of their talents & abilities to influence others in such a positive way! Thank you for inspiring and challenging our staff…”

— Trudy Cathy White [WinShape Camps, Chick-fil-A]



Sit back, relax and have fun as you dig into the heart and mind of others.  Part of the process of determining your personality type has to do with understanding your learned behaviors and see who you really are inside, beyond your own self-image.  You’ll enjoy this session and discover we’re exactly the same difference!




     We are going to respond to a series of questions.  Every answer you give is absolutely right.  No one will question it.  Simply respond to what you hear.  You may answer any way you want- but you must answer.  You cannot ‘cop out’ by stealing someone else’s answer.  We will proceed around the circle, starting with a different person each time.  If you cannot think of an answer at your turn, say, ‘pass’ and the leader will come back to you later.

     Please, speak loudly so that everyone else can hear.  Try not to change your answer once you decide what it will be. Do not change to what you think will be a ‘more appropriate’ answer.  We can learn a great deal from facial expressions, hand movements, and body language, what people do not say, or hesitate in saying. We are interested in discovering good things about each other, in finding others’ real identity and personal strengths/characteristics. We will also discover more about ourselves!

     We must listen.  This is not a debate!  We are not here to disagree.  We are here to discover each other, as well as, learn a little more about ourselves.  Too often we defend our own little worlds without listening to all the hearts beating around us. As each person answers, collect those various answers in your mind and begin developing an idea of each person in the group.

     If we all do this, perhaps a few of our invisible boundaries will melt… and we’ll know each other better.


  1.  What is your favorite food?

  2.  What is your least favorite food?

  3.  What is the best movie you have ever seen?

  4.  What physical thing do you want to build more than anything?

  5.  What do you like to do most with a free hour?

  6.  On what basis do you select your friends?

  7.  What is the greatest value that guides your life?

  8.  What is your greatest fear?

  9.  Describe “beauty.” 

10.  What have you found to be your purpose in life?

11.  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

12.  When you die, what do you want on your tombstone? 

13.  What person has most influenced your life?

14.  The greatest misunderstand people have with you is.

15.  What make you most secure?

16.  Describe a perfect day.

17.  When do you feel most lonely? 

18.  What do you love the most?

19.  What is your greatest pet peeve?

20.  If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?

21.  What do you like most about yourself?

22.  What makes you laugh?

23.  My future dreams for myself include…

24.  What is the most overwhelming thing you know?

25.  What thing makes you feel most humble?

26.  What is the greatest crime one can commit towards another?

27.  Choose a word that best describes your total life, up to this moment in time?

28.  When do you sense being most alive?

29.  What single ability would you most like to have?

30.  What is the biggest waste you know of?

31.  What day or moment in your life would you like to live over or wish had never happened?

32.  What kind of leadership makes a difference in the world?

33.  What is your most embarrassing moment?


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