“What a blessing to have you on our campus at WinShape. We are so grateful for people like you who so generously give of their talents & abilities to influence others in such a positive way! Thank you for inspiring and challenging our staff…”

— Trudy Cathy White [WinShape Camps, Chick-fil-A]

DIE EMPTY - Living to the Limits of Our Limited Life



Life is short. Statistically, 11 seconds is the average amount of time one has to respond to imminent death. The most valuable places in the world are not gold or diamond mines, but graveyards. Graveyards are full of unfulfilled dreams, songs never sung, cures never found, inventions never discovered, and relationships never mended because they gave their inheritance to the graveyard. When they lower you down to the grave let it be nothing but a shell because you have given life all you have. Die Empty


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