“What a blessing to have you on our campus at WinShape. We are so grateful for people like you who so generously give of their talents & abilities to influence others in such a positive way! Thank you for inspiring and challenging our staff…”

— Trudy Cathy White [WinShape Camps, Chick-fil-A]



A/V Props Checklist

Thomas Dismukes does more than speak! With your help, he will utilize his many talents to powerfully connect with your audience and put on an unforgettable presentation!

Thomas would like his sound check to take place one hour before the meeting starts, when no one is in the meeting room. The purpose is for Thomas to meet and greet the individual who is introducing him, and to make any adjustments with the sound crew.  

Thomas’s Needs:

A hand-held cordless microphone or a lavaliere microphone is preferred.  Thomas does not speak from behind a podium/lectern. If it is necessary for a lectern to be on the stage for other parts of the program, please have it set to the side of the stage during his presentation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office at 423-218-2161.


ODD Request- Green m&m's or chilled Pellegrino water is not nessesary, but a if the ceiling is higher than 18 feet, two 6 foot (or 8 foot) A-frame aluminum ladders are requested as props.  These items are tipically found at the venue.  In regrad to venue liability, no one will climb the ladders.  



Download A/V Prop Requests on PDF


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